Friday, October 24, 2008

hard work and scheduling

Hi. This is my second entry and writing a journal feels like a brand new concept. Personally, I have previously earned a reputation for high quality work at a slow pace. Only recently, I have discovered what the truth is. The real answer is- 1) I am an eager optimist, and my time quotes used to always reflect that, and 2) I am unwilling to cut corners to finish a project faster. That has led to severely unrealistic time quotes. I've been soul searching and facing reality, and have finally recognized that it is far better to- as many friends have said "under-promise and over-deliver". EIF Audio is the brainchild of many years of training, practice, and hard work. Electronics installation and custom fabrication are notably a pain in the a$$. For me personally, the challenge is just part of the experience. There are many projects where I jump at the opportunity, and others wouldn't even know where to start IF they did take it in. If work isn't a challenge, it's boring. I look forward to our involvement in building your next dream car and we are up for any challenge.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

new beginnings


I will take a minute to catch the rest of the world up to speed. My name is John. I have many interests regarding the world of art- from drawing, painting, and sculpture, to graffiti and tattoos. I remember loving to draw since kindergarten, and being recognized for artistic abilities from the same time. I am personally expressing artistic vision with every project I build. EIF Audio exists for this very reason. We are not here to just be another stereo shop. We have a greater vision, which is to offer unique services at an unparalleled level of craftsmanship. Every effort is with the intention of continuing development of our business. Every single project is equally important for this goal, because the best business card is a custom automobile which makes an impression on our next prospect. That's it for now, as time away from the shop is scarce.