Friday, October 24, 2008

hard work and scheduling

Hi. This is my second entry and writing a journal feels like a brand new concept. Personally, I have previously earned a reputation for high quality work at a slow pace. Only recently, I have discovered what the truth is. The real answer is- 1) I am an eager optimist, and my time quotes used to always reflect that, and 2) I am unwilling to cut corners to finish a project faster. That has led to severely unrealistic time quotes. I've been soul searching and facing reality, and have finally recognized that it is far better to- as many friends have said "under-promise and over-deliver". EIF Audio is the brainchild of many years of training, practice, and hard work. Electronics installation and custom fabrication are notably a pain in the a$$. For me personally, the challenge is just part of the experience. There are many projects where I jump at the opportunity, and others wouldn't even know where to start IF they did take it in. If work isn't a challenge, it's boring. I look forward to our involvement in building your next dream car and we are up for any challenge.


Simple Irony said...

I like the way you write and I like what you said. You are ENORMOUSLY talented and deserve a prosperous career. People are lucky to have your art, in any form, be a part of their lives.

Ashton Car Lover said...

Hi uncle john!